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Jackson Speech & Language Services provides evaluation and treatment for children birth-eighteen years old, with a variety of communication disorders.


Complimentary Consultations/Screenings

We offer complimentary consultations, as well as speech and language screenings, by appointment, for prospective clients. During this 45-minute appointment, results and recommendations will be reviewed with the parent/guardian. This appointment is typically facilitated by two speech-language pathologists, the clinical coordinator and the treating speech-language pathologist. It is a great way for you and your child to become familiar with the therapy space, ask any questions, and build a relationship with your child’s potential treating therapist! 


Comprehensive evaluations are conducted to assess childrens’ communication strengths and challenges. Our evaluations consist of standardized testing measures, parent/caregiver interviews, teacher/and informal observations. The evaluation typically takes place over the course of several sessions. The client will receive a written report stating our findings, as well as recommendations and next steps. Evaluations may also be shared with other professionals (i.e. school-based SLP, pediatrician etc.). We require an evaluation unless your child has participated in a comprehensive speech/language evaluation within the last 6-9 months.  



Each client will receive a customized treatment plan, based on the outcomes of the evaluation. Our engaging and motivating treatment sessions are tailored to each client, and are delivered through evidenced-based approaches. Treatment sessions are typically 45-60 minutes in length, which include parent/caregiver consultation. The duration and frequency of our treatment sessions are determined at the consultation, in collaboration with parents/caregivers, to ensure our clients are making effective progress. We specialize in working with children to address communication challenges in the following areas: 

  • Early Intervention: Speech and Language Delays 

  • Articulation and Phonological Disorders 

  • Expressive and Receptive Language Disorders 

  • Childhood Apraxia of Speech 

  • Social Skills 

  • Auditory Processing 

  • Executive Functioning

  • Literacy

  • Fluency Disorders

Social Groups

We offer seasonal social groups for children with challenges navigating social situations. Groups are facilitated by two speech-language pathologists and run for six weeks. Social groups are 1 hour, which encompasses structured activities using play-based therapy approaches. The program uses the Social Thinking curriculum as a foundation to engage children in developing and improving upon their social pragmatic language skills.  


Parent/Caregiver and Professional Consultations

Family involvement is a crucial part of childrens’ progress. The last 10 minutes of each session are available for parents/caregivers to ask questions and receive home practice materials to facilitate their child's progress. All therapeutic strategies and suggestions are shared with families in order to best facilitate carry-over and generalization of taught skills. 

Our therapists promote collaboration and communication with other professionals (i.e. teacher, school SLP, pediatrician etc.) in order to best understand and support the child as a whole. Our therapists are also available to attend IEP meetings, if requested. 


We offer online, highly interactive speech and language therapy services for children and families in the state of Massachusetts and Rhode Island! Teletherapy has been shown to provide the same outcomes as in-person therapy. Teletherapy is an excellent option for families with busy schedules, children who live farther away from our practice, or those who are social distancing. Teletherapy candidacy will be discussed with the family, and will be based upon the child’s age, diagnosis, and severity of the disorder. 

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