Our goal is to provide the highest quality of services in order to improve overall communication.

We offer the following speech and language services for children:

Free Screenings

We offer FREE speech and language screenings, by appointment, for children. Results and recommendations will be reviewed with the parent/guardian.


Comprehensive evaluations are conducted to assess communication strengths and weaknesses. The client will receive a written report stating recommendations.


We now offer online, highly interactive speech and language therapy services for children.

Custom Treatment Plans

Each client will receive an individualized treatment plan dependent on the outcomes of the evaluation, including type and duration of therapy sessions.

Therapy Sessions

Sessions are 30-60 minutes in length, which includes therapy and parent/caregiver consultation. Sessions are offered in individual and group settings.

Parent/Caregiver Consultation

The last 10 minutes of each session are available for parents/caregivers to ask questions and receive home practice materials to facilitate their child's progress.