“Absolutely amazing experience. She is patient, kind and works really well my child who has special needs. The improvements made are huge and my young one now can speak using sentences, conversationally with increased vocabulary usage. When previously, was on the edge of being non-verbal. So grateful to Annette and her services. Even offered teletherapy when offices closed due to the pandemic. Would highly recommend to other parents looking for a professional for their children. Her office is easy to get to, comfortable and far from a cold clinical setting. It’s set up like a preschool/kindergarten classroom which has made my child comfortable during sessions.”

-J.V., Parent

“My daughter started in Early Intervention and moved to an IEP for speech delay issues. In first grade, she stopped making progress at school. We then met with Annette, and she and my daughter bonded immediately. Annette keeps her sessions focused, age-appropriate, and fun. My daughter has made huge strides and looks forward to her sessions every week. In working with Annette, she has proven to be a dedicated professional who cares deeply about her clients. We feel so fortunate to have found an SLP as wonderful and effective as Annette!”

-K.G., Parent

“Annette is an amazing SLP who possesses a unique combination of skills that have been a key driver to our child’s progress and success. Annette has the ability to connect with children so they trust her and want to learn from her. She is very creative and always willing to try new methods and techniques to advance our child’s abilities. She is so dedicated and caring about each child and their success. This combination of skills is what makes her stand out from her peers. She is an exceptional professional who has truly made a difference in our child’s success today and for the future. We would be lost without her guidance and support.”

-R.S. & B.S., Parents

“As a past client of Ms. Jackson, I can honestly say that she is the best speech and language pathologist in the area. She helped my son tremendously with his speech, but she also did so much more! She kept in constant contact with his speech teachers at his preschool, attended all our meetings with his O.T. and speech specialists, as well as advocated for his during the kindergarten transition process. I highly recommend anyone that has any concerns with the children’s speech and language.”

-M.R., Parent

“Annette Jackson is an absolute miracle worker. My son was barely speaking and in just a few months after working with her, my son is speaking in sentences. She is so caring and wonderful to work with. We checked into a lot of different speech services from different centers and her model and approach is by far the best.”

-L.D., Parent